Introducing the Dialled Prince Albert Classic

When we first started brain storming what we wanted Green Door to be, it became clear that we had to be intentional about what products to offer.  We wanted to avoid becoming a “insert major brand name here” shop because we felt it limits what we can offer to our customers.  In our experience, a lot of the smaller brands make products that are better quality and suit the performance needs of most cyclists better.  We purposely wanted to make great products from great companies readily available that you may not have even heard of!

Enter Dialled!  Through a bit of circumstance and providence, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who had family connections with the owner.  We were very impressed with the product, and the brand was quickly becoming a hit in its home country, the U.K.  So we decided to collaborate with him and bring in a small run of frames to offer to our customers.  The first bike we are bringing in is the Prince Albert Classic.  This bike is everything you loved about your first steel mountain bike, but in a lighter and higher performance package.  It features Reynolds 853 steel, CNC machined 1 piece dropouts, and a beautiful and durable powder coat finish.  The geometry makes for a great all-around bike that offers the great ride of steel that any mountain biker would enjoy.  We have 1 matte black 17″ frame, 1 red 17″ frame, 1 grey 17″ frame, 1 matte black 19″frame, and 1 red 19″ frame on the way.  We are offering them as frame only or with very reasonably priced build kits.  Call or email anytime to inquire or reserve yours!  I will post pics as soon as the frames arrive!

Frame Specs:

Sizes: 17″ & 19″ (measured from centre of BB to top of seat tube

Effective Top Tube Lengths: 17″ frame = 23.25″ 19″ frame = 24″

Head Angle: 70 degrees
(recommended travel 120mm to 140mm)

Seat Angle: 74 degrees

Chain Stay Length:16.73″

BB Height:12.76″

Seat Post Size: 27.2mm

Seat Clamp Size: 30mm (29.8mm may also fit)

Front Mech Size: 28.6mm top pull

BB Shell: 73mm

Max Rear Disc Size: 185mm

Colours (subject to change without notice): Grey, Black, Red

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